2. maj. 2021
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The sidemen slurp
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  • No livers were harmed during the making of the alcohol movie, they were only drunk.

    Валентин Валерійович БуткевичВалентин Валерійович БуткевичPred 2 urami
  • *Alcohol* + *Sidemen* = *Classic* SLworlds Video.

    Валентин Валерійович БуткевичВалентин Валерійович БуткевичPred 2 urami
  • *Ethan* *thought* *we* wouldn't notice his hickey, but we did

    Валентин Валерійович БуткевичВалентин Валерійович БуткевичPred 2 urami
  • *everyone* *gonna* *ignore* the fact that Harry manhandled Ethan like it's nothing

    Валентин Валерійович БуткевичВалентин Валерійович БуткевичPred 2 urami
  • 8:10

    EctoplasmaEctoplasmaPred 3 urami
  • 36:50 What else is new I already knew harry was an idiot

    Nick LopezNick LopezPred 4 urami
  • The way Josh fixed vik’s hood, reminded me of a father to his son

    Nick LopezNick LopezPred 4 urami
  • 21:11Is that Ethan’s brother holding the camera

    Nick LopezNick LopezPred 4 urami
  • 13:50 What is Ethan on about he already sounds drunk

    Nick LopezNick LopezPred 4 urami
  • did y’all really Peer pressure Toby to drink something

    Nick LopezNick LopezPred 4 urami
  • Man ethan got clapped

    Saad EssaSaad EssaPred 7 urami
  • People from nz and Australia watching this 👀

    Triple TTriple TPred 7 urami
  • 44:40

    King KingKing KingPred 7 urami
  • Watching Vik,Harry,& Josh struggle to find a place to pee was funny as an American cuz if I gotta go I'll piss on your mailbox ain't nobody got time for all that running 😂

    King KingKing KingPred 8 urami
  • I would love to see a video where they are super drunk and they play a full game of hide and seek

    Bri MuncyBri MuncyPred 9 urami
  • They shared the 'D'

    Ozz BozzOzz BozzPred 12 urami
  • please kick miniminter

    xrt theoxrt theoPred 13 urami
  • اين العرب

    طارق الملحمطارق الملحمPred 13 urami
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  • £2000 likes it’s nothing

    Repo Bs4Repo Bs4Pred 17 urami
  • 23:00 “I’m photosynthesizing” 😂😂😂

    Aq MoAq MoPred 19 urami
  • 36:12 i think we might have just heard Harry’s real laugh

    Frederick KahamaFrederick KahamaPred 20 urami
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  • #Sidemen_try_fasting for 1 day ? @Sidemen

  • 13:22 the SIZE of Ethans hickey on his neck 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

    Sophie WillsSophie WillsPred 22 urami
  • Why have Toby there?

    ArdentArdentPred 23 urami
  • Sidemen videos are really good

    Ben WilliamsBen WilliamsPred 23 urami
  • Cannot believe how they make me laugh at the deadest jokes

    Murtaza HusseinMurtaza HusseinPred dnevom
  • Whenever they go out they dress like a pack of starbursts

    olaolu fxolaolu fxPred dnevom
  • 1:05:20 Harry's head went beyond the event horizon! King shoulda gone for the last limbo, he made it look easy every time

    Daft StudiosDaft StudiosPred dnevom
  • 31:10 bro Idc this was one of the funniest impressions ever😭😭😂

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoPred dnevom
  • Did anyone notice how Tobi nutmegged JJ in the backround 44:40

    Sir FrogeSir FrogePred dnevom
  • Did anyone else hear tobi at 51:36 'nah these lot are white' or is it just me😭

    Aimee WheeldonAimee WheeldonPred dnevom
    • 19:05 I like how Ethan’s laugh sounds like he’s slurping on something

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoPred dnevom
  • 48:4 thats just a mosquito bite on ethans neck

    ojasvi rathoreojasvi rathorePred dnevom
  • Tobi takes the fun out of the video

    Joseph RamosJoseph RamosPred dnevom
  • 31:20 had me dying😂😭

    Mia NicoleMia NicolePred dnevom
  • I’d like to see Calfreezy join in on these to even out the teams, would be mad funny

    RoyalRoyalPred dnevom
  • Maybe switch Tobi with calfreezy?

    That One Cool Old PersonThat One Cool Old PersonPred dnevom
  • Anyone noticed the video is 1:11:11

    Lily O'MearaLily O'MearaPred dnevom
  • 20:30 has me DEAD

    ines Camilleriines CamilleriPred dnevom
  • The sulky puffin gergely tip because seaplane consquentially plant throughout a lumpy postbox. testy, zealous swing

    Joseph KellerJoseph KellerPred dnevom
  • In my opinion the 3 team won not the 4 team.

    Ronald PasiekaRonald PasiekaPred dnevom
  • me laughing: HAHAHAHA them laughing: KKKKKKKK

    Mr Monkey ManMr Monkey ManPred dnevom
  • That twister game was rigged. It was actually Harry’s team who won. Whoever falls first loses and Simon fell and nothing happened. But when Harry falls the game ends. That is probably revenge since he can’t take a ball tap.

    Ronald PasiekaRonald PasiekaPred dnevom
  • JJ can’t even kiss Simon but at least Harry can

    Ronald PasiekaRonald PasiekaPred dnevom
  • Not the way Ethan said 'Lech'..... No offence but it's so funny

    xLoserxxLoserxPred dnevom
  • easily one of my favourite videos

    ROBiN MetharROBiN MetharPred dnevom
  • Does anyone notice the video ends at 1:11:11

    Danyal SaleemDanyal SaleemPred dnevom
  • 19:05 I like how Ethan’s laugh sounds like he’s slurping on something

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhPred dnevom
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    María TerrónMaría TerrónPred dnevom
  • 57:40 "Ay yo astaghfirullah" 😂😂

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanPred dnevom
  • The fact that the video is 1:11:11 is amazing

    EvitaHereEvitaHerePred dnevom
    • Since when did they walk around with body guards ?

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhPred dnevom
  • My Czech eyes hurts 14:41

    Jakub FaltysJakub FaltysPred dnevom

    Imtiaz MahetarImtiaz MahetarPred 2 dnevi
  • 28:48 How is that white mercedes in the background ever going to get out of that parkingspot lmao

    SandorroSandorroPred 2 dnevi
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    tiffany browntiffany brownPred 2 dnevi
  • 53:00

    Awesomepants 217Awesomepants 217Pred 2 dnevi
  • 1:39

    LuqmanLuqmanPred 2 dnevi
  • Buy every clothing item from A to Z

    space jelly04space jelly04Pred 2 dnevi
  • i DIDNT unterstannd your english

    Jonni AntonyJonni AntonyPred 2 dnevi
  • ksi bangin gang signs like wtf

    okFaded _okFaded _Pred 2 dnevi
  • Stand up with Palestine

    Ano UarAno UarPred 2 dnevi
  • The unusual cushion functionally add because lier inevitably mark midst a productive cuban. smiling, panicky regret

    Dixieboy1503Dixieboy1503Pred 2 dnevi
  • Smirnoff Ice is a twist cap mates😂

    Titus CervantesTitus CervantesPred 2 dnevi
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    Anthony mendozaAnthony mendozaPred 2 dnevi
  • 53:00 thank me later

    Javan AlecioJavan AlecioPred 2 dnevi
  • Since when did they walk around with body guards ?

    never you mindnever you mindPred 2 dnevi
    • There jj's and he's had them for years

      HeloiseHeloisePred dnevom
  • 11:20 Vikings obviously has never done a bar crawl, smh

    ConeyConeyPred 2 dnevi
  • Harry : Can I boost my immune system with vodka ??😂

    John DuexJohn DuexPred 2 dnevi
  • These man sending money to each other like its nothing hahaha

    CustardManCustardManPred 2 dnevi
  • whenever harry puts the sambuca alarm all sidemen livers, kidney go: ah Sh*t here we go again XD

    mysore poornapragnamysore poornapragnaPred 2 dnevi
    • that was a really funny bro

      Matt ChapmanMatt ChapmanPred dnevom
  • Good fasting 👍👍👍

    Ельмір АбдуллаєвЕльмір АбдуллаєвPred 2 dnevi
  • the boys that don't care about covid 🤣

    mathieu gregoiremathieu gregoirePred 2 dnevi
  • Tobi: I don't wanna drink Also Tobi: Yeah I'll do a Jägerbomb... That'll work.

    ElinElinPred 2 dnevi
  • 19:46 how are they indoors?

    A OA OPred 2 dnevi
  • Elitte

    KS IKS IPred 2 dnevi
  • Elite content

    KS IKS IPred 2 dnevi
  • make discord

    Matthew MarkowskiMatthew MarkowskiPred 2 dnevi
  • Man's JJ really sent 2k to Simon when he didn't even take the double shot that's how gone he was 😭😭😭😭

    Juan Guerrero GJuan Guerrero GPred 2 dnevi
  • what brand is jj's hoodie?

    A KA KPred 3 dnevi
  • Is it just me or does Ethan have a hickey on his neck

    KrypticKrypticPred 3 dnevi
  • the video is 1:11:11 hrs long :0

    Kat MangamKat MangamPred 3 dnevi
  • Tobi is so lame

    Nolan AntonicciNolan AntonicciPred 3 dnevi
  • It’s bourbon not boorbon 😂

    Ur mom 69Ur mom 69Pred 3 dnevi
  • When Ksi says lech in a scouts accent when it's a polish drink🤷🏻‍♂️

    Adz DAdz DPred 3 dnevi
  • 13:31 which girl has been sucking Ethan’s neck 🤣🤣🤣

    Joshua OlaJoshua OlaPred 3 dnevi
  • 0 hate guys

    AacesAacesPred 3 dnevi
  • Simon is so annoying

    Logan MurrayLogan MurrayPred 3 dnevi
  • 27:44 cya on Reddir

    GaminGrifGaminGrifPred 3 dnevi
  • Amazing

    Alex LliguicotaAlex LliguicotaPred 3 dnevi
  • The way Tobi paused at 32:36........

    Vin MungeretiVin MungeretiPred 3 dnevi
  • Ethans hickey :)

    Olivia PassOlivia PassPred 3 dnevi
  • it’s harry’s hickey for me

    Andrew FennessyAndrew FennessyPred 3 dnevi
    • Do part 2 at this

      mikin liroumikin lirouPred 3 dnevi
  • Peak Josh video

    Brendan BarberBrendan BarberPred 3 dnevi
  • The accents throughout this have killed me off hahahahaha

    Daniel PadleyDaniel PadleyPred 3 dnevi
  • They NEED to do 1 of these with Nelk

    Iarla HennessyIarla HennessyPred 3 dnevi
  • How are they not drunk by the end of this video 😂

    Jay2neatJay2neatPred 3 dnevi
  • 1:09:50 , ethan sounding like Big G haha

    Cao Lu DunCao Lu DunPred 3 dnevi
  • That hickey on Ethans neck ayeeee

    DopestArtistaDopestArtistaPred 3 dnevi
  • I know it is corona times and it can get depressive and all that but do y'all want to die or something 🤣 from A to Z is A LOT OF DRINKS...I would listen to tobi man 😅

    Omy POmy PPred 3 dnevi